With years of legislative, legal and political experience as Chief of Staff and General Counsel for Senator Chuck Grassley, Ken Cunningham delivers successful advocacy, consulting and strategy services.

Ken Cunningham has advised and represented clients who are among some of the most prominent law firms and companies in the nation.

He has served as an advocate and consultant in diverse areas including taxation, intellectual property, bankruptcy, investigative oversight, telecommunications, trade, healthcare, Medicare and Medicaid, advertising, federal budget and appropriations, antitrust as well as financial institutions and securities.

T: 202-370-6691 

F: 202-370-6984

Congressional and
Advocacy Experience:

• Advertising 
• Agriculture 
• Antitrust 
• Appropriations 
• Bankruptcy 
• Budget 
• Energy 
• Environment 
• Finance 
• Healthcare 
• Intellectual Property 
• Investigations 
• Medicare 
• Securities 
• Taxation 
• Telecommunications 
• Trade 
• Transportation